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Name: Tom de Haan
Nationality: NL
Location: Rotterdam, NL
Email: info@cybercrisis.nl

About Myself

As a child already passionate about computers, spent hours searching for the solution of problems. Helping people in my area, and gaining knowledge from an intrinsic motivation. And I still do this every day. Within IT, I have found my passion within the Information Security and Privacy branch.

I would like to help both the IT side and the business. My focus is on a secure digital society. This with the aim of facilitating protection of vital infrastructures and critical processes in a broader context. Security and privacy measures should not, however, act as a brake on new developments. On the contrary, they are necessary measures to achieve new business objectives.

I certainly do not know everything within this broad field, but I do get very enthusiastic when I can spread my acquired knowledge through workshops and awareness sessions.

Continuous maintenance of knowledge and lifelong learning are essential in achieving all these goals. Thanks to inter alia (inter) national security conferences I keep my skills up to date. In addition, I intend to provide recognized certification for the requirements set by (international) organizations

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